FOOTBALL – Our daily quiz returns to Twitter at 14:00 CET and the answers to the five daily questions this week are clues that lead to the association. You can only submit one association per week. We will give you this for this week: the answers to the questions this week are all European football clubs. That is NOT the association, the association is something much more specific.

Strategy when it comes to answering association quiz

If you guess the association quiz on Monday, a correct answer will get you 10 bonus points. However, it would be more or less a shot in the dark. A correct answer on Tuesday gets you 8 bonus points and is still a ‘high risk high reward’ situation. On Wednesday, the available bonus points will be 6, and by that time you will have three clues to work with. The bonus points to be won on Thursday and Friday are 4 and 2 respectively. The ideal strategy is up to you. Do you want to gamble at the risk of earning zero? Or do you opt to pocket a relatively safe 4 or 2? Good luck! 

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