THE WAVE: Bayern München v Shakhtar Donetsk

FOOTBALL – It started with the fastest red card in Champions League history and an early penalty goal for Bayern, who not only equalled their biggest CL victory, but also the biggest win by any team in a CL match in the knockout stages, their 7-0 win rout of FC Basel on 13 March 2012. Especially in the first half, but also for large portions of the second half, Bayern ripped through Shakhtar Donetsk like a tidal wave.

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ANALYSE THIS: Is Experience a Denominator for Success?

FOOTBALL – How important is experience for a team’s success? Do teams with more experienced players perform better in the league or do they benefit more from fresh, new players? While ‘experience’ is a difficult concept to actually capture in numbers, we came up with a simple way of trying to compare experience with success, taking the 2014/15 Premier League as an example. Continue reading