PREVIEW: Super Bowl XLVIII - Broncos v Seahawks

AMERICAN FOOTBALL - The following is a preview to Super Bowl XLVIII, which will take place on Sunday, 2 February, and will feature the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks.

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RECORD: Manning equals NFL record with 7 TD passes

AMERICAN FOOTBALL - Opening night of the 2013 NFL season produced instant fireworks with Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning equalling a single game record by throwing for seven touchdowns. It is the first time that anyone has achieved that in 44 years and the first time since the 1970 NFL-AFL merger. Manning joins Sid Luckman (14 Nov 1943), Adrian Burk (17 Oct 1954), George Blanda (19 Nov 1961), Y.A. Tittle (28 Oct 1962) and Joe Kapp (28 Sep 1969) in achieving this feat.

ANALYSE THIS: Meet Brandon Williams, the average NFL player

AMERICAN FOOTBALL - Now that the 32 NFL teams have announced their final 53-man team rosters, we can identify the average NFL player. His name is Brandon Williams, is 27 years old and plays as a defensive back. He is 6’2” (1.88m) tall and weighs 247 pounds (112 kg). He is entering his fourth season in the league and comes from the University of Southern California. Aside: there are two players actually named Brandon Williams to be selected to a NFL roster. One plays for the Baltimore Ravens, the other plays for the Carolina Panthers.

INFOGRAPHIC: Super Bowl all-time leaders

AMERICAN FOOTBALL - We have researched 46 previous Super Bowls to see which individuals are the leading performers in four categories: Passing, Rushing, Receiving and Points. And we have looked at records in a single game and for a Super Bowl career. Click this link to see what we found.

PREVIEW: Super Bowl XLVII (49ers v Ravens)

imageAMERICAN FOOTBALL - Super Bowl XLVII will go down in history as the ‘Har-Bowl’, the first in which two brothers take each other on as head coaches. It also features two teams that have won all the Super Bowls in which they have appeared. We have more on this and many other stats in our Super Bowl XLVII preview.

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PREVIEW: NFL Conference Championship (20 January)

imageAMERICAN FOOTBALL - The 2012/2013 NFL playoffs Conference Championships start this Sunday, as the Atlanta Falcons and the San Francisco 49ers kick off the action. We have compiled several key preview facts and figures for the two matches: Atlanta Falcons v San Francisco 49ers and New England Patriots v Baltimore Ravens.

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PREVIEW: NFL Divisional Round (12-13 January)

AMERICAN FOOTBALL - The 2012/2013 NFL playoffs divisional round start this Saturday, as the Broncos and the Ravens kick off the action. We have compiled several key preview facts and figures for the following four matches: Denver Broncos v Baltimore Ravens, San Francisco 49ers v Green Bay Packers, Atlanta Falcons v Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots v Houston Texans.

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PREVIEW: NFL Wildcard Weekend (5-6 January)

AMERICAN FOOTBALL - The 2012/2013 NFL playoffs start this Saturday, as the Texans and Bengals kick off Wildcard Weekend. We have compiled several key preview facts and figures for each of the four matches: Texans v Bengals, Packers v Vikings, Ravens v Colts and Redskins v Seahawks.

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AWARDS SHOW: Heisman won by freshman for first time

AMERICAN FOOTBALL - The Heisman Trophy awarded to the annual top collegiate American Football player has gone to Johnny Manziel, the first freshman (first year player) to run off with the honours. From the 78 Heisman Trophies awarded, 21 have gone to an underclassman, including each of the last six seasons.

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ANALYSE THIS: How rare is a tied game in the NFL?

AMERICAN FOOTBALL - For the first time in four years a regular season NFL game ended in a tie, as the San Francisco 49ers and St. Louis Rams negotiated a 24-24 stalemate on Sunday. A rare occurrence, the tie can only come about if both teams fail to break a deadlock in a 15-minute overtime period.

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REVIEW: Eli Manning joins NFL’s elite 500+ club

AMERICAN FOOTBALL - Eli Manning threw for 510 yards on Sunday, 16 September 2012 to become only the 13th quarterback in NFL history to surpass the 500-yard mark in a single game. Click Read More to see who are in this elite club.

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BIRTHDAY - 25 July: Walter Payton (American Football)

AMERICAN FOOTBALL - If he were alive, Walter Payton would be 58 years old today. One of the most feared running backs in NFL history, ‘The Sweetness’ conquered most rushing records, several of which he lost to other players later. He also won the Super Bowl representing the Chicago Bears, the team he played for throughout his NFL career. He died of a rare liver disease, aged only 45. 

Shares birthday with: Elias Canetti, Joseph Kennedy, Matt LeBlanc

BIRTHDAY - 11 June: Joe Montana (American Football)

Joe MontanaAMERICAN FOOTBALL - Joe Montana is 56 years old today. Montana was a quarterback that forged a legendary status at collegiate and pro level. In a game against Houston, Montana completed a 22-point fourth quarter comeback to propel the Notre Dame Fighting Irish to a 35-34 victory. Fourth quarter comebacks would become a Montana trademark and his calm demeanour and unparalleled focus soon earned him the nickname “Joe Cool”. He led the San Francisco 49ers to multiple Super Bowls.

Shares birthday with: Richard Strauss, Vince Lombardi, Gene Wilder

BIRTHDAY - 31 May: Joe Namath (American Football)

AMERICAN FOOTBALL - Joe Namath is 69 years old today. The New York Jets were heavy underdogs to the Baltimore Colts going into Super Bowl III, but three days before the game, Jets quarterback Joe Namath brashly ‘guaranteed a victory’. His team helped him to back up his words by controlling most of the game, building a 16-0 lead in the fourth quarter. At the final whistle it was 16-7 to the New York Jets and ‘Broadway Joe’ became an instant legend.

Shares birthday with: Gengis Khan, Clint Eastwood, Tom Berenger

PREVIEW: Colts will try their Luck with top pick

AMERICAN FOOTBALL - On Thursday, April 26, the 2012 NFL draft will start in New York City. The Indianapolis Colts had the worst record in the 2011 regular season and therefore have the right to select first. It is widely expected that they will select Andrew Luck, quarterback from Stanford. In fact, the Colts have confirmed that.

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