PREVIEW: Super Bowl XLVIII - Broncos v Seahawks

AMERICAN FOOTBALL - The following is a preview to Super Bowl XLVIII, which will take place on Sunday, 2 February, and will feature the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks.

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INFOGRAPHIC: Super Bowl all-time leaders

AMERICAN FOOTBALL - We have researched 46 previous Super Bowls to see which individuals are the leading performers in four categories: Passing, Rushing, Receiving and Points. And we have looked at records in a single game and for a Super Bowl career. Click this link to see what we found.

PREVIEW: Super Bowl XLVII (49ers v Ravens)

imageAMERICAN FOOTBALL - Super Bowl XLVII will go down in history as the ‘Har-Bowl’, the first in which two brothers take each other on as head coaches. It also features two teams that have won all the Super Bowls in which they have appeared. We have more on this and many other stats in our Super Bowl XLVII preview.

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