INFOGRAPHIC: Zlatan to face army of Messis

FOOTBALL – On Wednesday, FC Barcelona take on AC Milan and former employee Zlatan Ibrahimovic. In 2009, the blaugranas bought the Swede for 69 million euros and sold him a year later for only 24 million. The 45 million euro deficit makes it the largest negative return ever for a player. Come to think of it, how much did FC Barcelona ever invest in Lionel Messi? Click below to ‘Read More’

Infostrada Sports Group went through some of Barca’s old medical bills and found out that several years of treatment for Messi’s growth hormone deficiency cost them just over 20,000 euros. Messi never grew to be as tall as Zlatan, but for the money lost on Zlatan, FC Barcelona could have had 2,211 Lionel Messis.

Graphic design by Rick Thomson (you can find him on Twitter: @rickthomson). Rick is one of the bright young people working for Infostrada. The idea for this stat was worked out between Boudewijn de Jongh (@OneMinuteCoach) and Aernout van den Berg (@aernoutvdberg).


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