TWITTER FOOTBALL QUIZ: New quiz format explained

FOOTBALL – Starting Monday, 10 September, we will reintroduce our Daily Quiz at our main Twitter account @InfostradaLive, which will feature a new question every day at 14:00 CET. The answer to that question will be published every day at 15:00 CET at this website. 

Rules and scoring

The first five to submit the correct answer by replying to our quiz question on Twitter (@InfostradaLive) will accumulate points for the weekly standings: 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1 point(s). The five answers have something in common: the association for which bonus points can be accumulated. The faster you guess the association correctly, the more bonus points you receive. The player to score most points over the course of the week is our weekly winner. Should two players finish on equal points, the winner is the player who has submitted the fastest association answer. Below we have displayed an example so you will know what to expect.

September trial period, October official start

We will publish three trial rounds in September so that you can get accustomed to the game. From Monday, 1 October, we will be officially keeping score.


Monday (10 points for correct association)

Question: Who is England’s all-time leading goalscorer on 49 international goals?

Answer: Bobby Charlton

Tuesday (8 points for correct association)

Question: In which year did Italy first host the European Championship?

Answer: 1968

Wednesday (6 points for correct association)

Question: Which Premier League stadium drew the largest average attendance in the 2011/2012 season?

Answer: Old Trafford

Thursday (4 points for correct association)

Question: Which player was banned for eight months after assaulting a Crystal Palace supporter in a Premier League match in January 1995?

Answer: Eric Cantona

Friday (2 points for correct association)

Question: Which manager has featured in more Champions League matches than anyone else?

Answer: Sir Alex Ferguson

Association answer: Manchester United. Sir Alex Ferguson is the current manager of the Old Trafford-based club that became the first English club to win the Champions Cup in 1968. Bobby Charlton and Eric Cantona are iconic former players.

The association answer can be sent in on the website. You can only try to guess the right association once, by filling in your answer and your e-mail adress. 


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