ANALYSE THIS: Wave – Australia v Netherlands

FOOTBALL – At Infostrada Sports, we are always experimenting with new insights from sports data and we have therefore developed a balance of play visualisation called Wave which shows how the balance between two football teams ebbs and flows during a football match. Wednesday’s World Cup match between Australia and Netherlands is visualised below.




We believe that football is about goals and the creation of those goals via goal attempts and we therefore regard much of the data now collected as only serving to introduce noise into such a visualisation. We have therefore, after much testing, chosen to use only the following variables to illustrate a football match in this way; shots, scoring opportunities, and free kicks, all corrected for location, as well as corners, yellow cards, red cards, offsides and penalties including missed penalties.


The line present in the visualisation illustrates the relative balance of play at any point during the match whereas the blocks of colour represent the absolute credit each team has received by recording the variables mentioned above. Both relative and absolute measures are displayed based on the previous 10 minutes of play.


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