AWARDS SHOW: 2013 Clausura season quiz champ unveiled

FOOTBALL – And we have a winner! After winning all six monthly qualifiers, @G_o_s_h_a fully lived up to his status as favourite in this season’s final quiz. Congratulations for becoming our 2013 Clausura champion! The trophy is coming your way. And well done to all other contestants. That concludes our season. We hope to be back soon with more quizzes. Thank you all very much for playing!

Final result – 2013 Clausura Final Quiz

58 – @G_o_s_h_a

54 – @marcobinnekamp_

46 – @poirot986

42 – @JorisMoossdorff

22 – @Yusuf_Official

AWARDS SHOW: September Quiz winner unveiled

FOOTBALL – We did not believe it would be possible, but @G_o_s_h_a has achieved the unthinkable by winning ALL six monthly quizzes in the 2013 Clausura season. And for good measure he put in a perfect answer form. How do you come up with ‘Diego Penny’? Honestly. Congratulations to this phenomenal achievement and also kudos to @marcobinnekamp_ for qualifying for the big season final as this month’s runner-up. The field is set and the Clausura final will run from 1-6 October. Good luck to all participants!

Results August Grand Final Quiz

100 – @G_o_s_h_a

77 – @marcobinnekamp_

40 – @JorisMoossdorff

Grand Final Quiz Winners – Clausura 2013

Apr – @G_o_s_h_a

May – @G_o_s_h_a (no runner-up)

Jun – @G_o_s_h_a (@poirot986 advances to Clausura final)

Jul – @G_o_s_h_a (@Yusuf_Official advances to Clausura final)

Aug – @G_o_s_h_a (@JorisMoossdorff advances to Clausura final)

Sep – @G_o_s_h_a (@marcobinnekamp_ advances to Clausura final)


AWARDS SHOW: August Quiz winner unveiled

FOOTBALL – We are starting to wonder if our Russian behemoth @G_o_s_h_a can actually run the table in our final quizzes that lead up to the 2013 Clausura final. Our excellent participant has won five monthly finals in a row. Hats off! Our runner-up, @JorisMoossdorff, handed in a splendid answer sheet and will advance to the championship final as runner-up.

Results August Grand Final Quiz

90 – @G_o_s_h_a

78 – @JorisMoossdorff

Grand Final Quiz Winners – Clausura 2013

Apr – @G_o_s_h_a

May – @G_o_s_h_a (no runner-up)

Jun – @G_o_s_h_a (@poirot986 advances to Clausura final)

Jul – @G_o_s_h_a (@Yusuf_Official advances to Clausura final)

Aug – @G_o_s_h_a (@JorisMoossdorff advances to Clausura final)


AWARDS SHOW: July Quiz winner unveiled

FOOTBALL – Is there anyone who can stop the mighty @G_o_s_h_a, who emerged victorious in the Grand Final Quiz for the fourth successive month?Well done to him and also well done to the other contestants, who certainly gave him a run for his money. As the runner-up @Yusuf_Official has qualified for the Clausura final. Results are listed below.

Results July Grand Final Quiz

97 – @G_o_s_h_a

88 – @Yusuf_Official

82 – @CoquelinFrancis

Grand Final Quiz Winners – Clausura 2013

Apr – @G_o_s_h_a

May – @G_o_s_h_a (no runner-up)

Jun – @G_o_s_h_a (@poirot986 advances to Clausura final)

Jul – @G_o_s_h_a (@Yusuf_Official advances to Clausura final)

AWARDS SHOW: April Quiz champion unveiled

FOOTBALL – We have our first monthly winner of the 2013 Clausura season. In a wonderful effort and an enormously tight and brilliant race with the other contestants, @G_o_s_h_a has won it on a tiebreaker. Uplifting for the contestants, disheartening for the quizmasters, who are under the impression that they have posed a hard challenge. Congratulations to all participants for performing at such an outrageously high level!

April Grand Final Quiz – Final Standings

100 – @G_o_s_h_a

100 – @marcobinnekamp_

99 – @poirot986

@G_o_s_h_a wins the tiebreaker. His ‘344’ was closer to @marcobinnekamp_  ‘78’ in total amount of players having been red carded in the Champions League (360).

Note: Three answer forms received within allowed time.

Monthly winners Infostrada Sports Twitter Quiz – Clausura 2013

Apr – @G_o_s_h_a

AWARDS SHOW: Apertura Quiz Champion unveiled

FOOTBALL – For the last week, our monthly quiz winners battled for the prestigious 2013 Apertura Season Quiz Championship. And they did so in highly prodigious fashion. The level of play by all contestants was extremely high. They each took on 60 questions in a mere 30 minutes. Mind blowing stuff. Below is how it finished.

2013 Apertura Championship Final Standings

60 – @markvanrijswijk

56 – @matuts22

55 – @alfro_j

55 – @G_o_s_h_a

48 – @evadl

35 – @poirot986

We congratulate all of you for doing so well and we congratulate our champion with that formidable perfect score.

Want to join in on the fun? Our 2013 Clausura quiz question has just started with a new quiz question on Twitter each weekday at 14:00 CET. Weekly winners advance to monthly finals and the champions from each month will convene for the 2013 Clausura Championship in early October.