ANALYSE THIS: Australia overtakes Great Britain in Virtual Medal Table

GENERAL – Australia has moved into fourth position in the Infostrada Sports’ Virtual Medal Table (VMT) after the inclusion of athletics and swimming personal bests since May 2015 took projected golds away from Germany and Great Britain and added four medals to Australia’s forecast total. Continue reading

INFOGRAPHIC: Medals per million inhabitant

OLYMPIC GAMES – With the London 2012 Olympic Games behind us, we made a few extra infographics about your country’s and continent’s performance at these games. Click Read More to see our Infographic on the medals per million inhabitant won by your country. You can click on the graph to enable its interactive features.

INFOGRAPHIC: Medals weighted by GDP

OLYMPIC GAMES – Based on countries GDP (Gross Domestic Product), Grenada is by far the most successful country at the 2012 London Olympic Games. For every 100 billion dollars in GDP, the country would win over 68 (gold) medals) while the United States wins 0.61 and China 0.71 medals for every 100 billion dollars in GDP.

INFOGRAPHIC: Medal comparison 2008-2012 (Day 14)

OLYMPIC GAMES – With just one more weekend to go, we can really start assessing which countries have performed better than four years ago, and which ones have not. It is party time for Great Britain and Hungary, both countries have won 7 gold medals more than they had when they started the final weekend in Beijing. China has won 10 gold medals less so far. Click on the graph to enable its interactive features.