OFF THE WALL – Thunderstruck! Russell Westbrook!

BASKETBALL – Last night, the Oklahoma City Thunder eliminated the Los Angeles Lakers from the 2012 NBA playoffs closing out the series 4-1 and booking a place in the Western Conference finals against the San Antonio Spurs. The Thunder are led by their highly exciting star players Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook. The latter pulled off this remarkable shot.

OFF THE WALL – Final minutes of PL season

FOOTBALL – Oh, how we love YouTube. Today we found a clip showing the last five minutes of the 2011/2012 Premier League season. On the left side of your split screen, the Manchester United fans waiting for the other match to finish. On the right side of your screen, the finish they did not hope for. Music by The Verve.

OFF THE WALL – Steal made on a shoestring

BASKETBALL – We love the creativity by the Celtics’ Avery Bradley on this play. As the opposition is moving, he is pretending that his shoelaces are untied. And he sells the fake brilliantly. The upcourt pass falls into his waiting hands and he leads the easy counter-attack. Did you ever trick your opponents like this?

OFF THE WALL – Cristiano Ronaldo v Rafael Nadal?

FOOTMINTON – What happens when one of the world’s largest football stars, Cristiano Ronaldo, collides with one of the world’s biggest tennis stars, Rafael Nadal? The answer is a positively undecided game of Footminton, in part of impressive -and mercurial- footwear by Nike. Click here for the clip. Would be awesome if someone forged a tag team between Roger Federer and Lionel Messi for the ultimate doubles match.

OFF THE WALL – Bizarre: Borat’s long tail lashes out

SHOOTING – This week, one of our long time friends from our international network pointed us towards an incident from the 10th Arab Shooting competition in Kuwait, in which Kazakhstan’s Maria Dmitrienko won gold for her country and lined up on the podium, expecting to hear her country’s national anthem. Bizarrely, she heard something else.

The speakers blared Borat’s highly satirical mock version of the Kazakhstan national anthem instead of the proper one. The many of you that watched the highly popular 2006 movie, will be quick to find out the mistake. We offer the unfortunate organizers the advice: stay on top of your popular culture as much as you are staying on top of your sports. And you will be dandy and fine. #Whoawhoawewa!