ANALYSE THIS: Premier League rich but performs below par

FOOTBALL – The Deloitte Money League has been released and unsurprisingly, the Euro Club Index ranking, which rates clubs based on performance, is highly correlated with this annual ranking of wealth. Four of the top-five clubs on the Deloitte list are also in the Euro Club Index top-10. Manchester United are the big exception at third in the Money League but ranked only 13th by the Euro Club Index. Another Premier League club, Liverpool, are the ninth richest in the world but are currently only just hanging onto a place in the Euro Club Index top-25. All nine Premier League clubs in Deloitte’s top-20 richest are ranked lower by the Euro Club Index.
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THE WAVE: Schalke 04 v Real Madrid

FOOTBALL – Real Madrid defeated Schalke 04 in the first leg of the 2014/15 Champions League Last 16. The wave below shows Schalke in red and Real Madrid in blue. Schalke failed to score a goal when they had two pressing moments, while Real Madrid were much more effective, scoring twice without pressing much more than the Germans. Continue reading

THE WAVE: Schalke 04 v Chelsea

FOOTBALL – On Tuesday, Schalke equalled their biggest CL home defeat and Chelsea equalled their biggest CL away win as the London side triumphed 5-0 in Gelsenkirchen. Was the run of play representative for that outcome? Our Wave says yes, especially in the first half when it was all Chelsea.

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ANALYSE THIS: Euro Club Index – PSG/Arsenal switch only top-10 change

FOOTBALL – Paris Saint-Germain have swapped places with Arsenal in the Euro Club Index over the last week, moving into ninth position with Arsenal dropping to 10th. AC Milan are back in the top-25 for the first time since February, replacing Athletic Bilbao.

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ANALYSE THIS: Big Spanish clubs almost certain of CL last 16

FOOTBALL – The Champions League kicks off this week and the big three Spanish clubs in Euro Club Index terms are all but certain of making the second round of the competition. The fourth Spanish team, Athletic Bilbao, have profited more than most from the draw which has increased their chances of joining the other La Liga clubs in the last 16.

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ANALYSE THIS: CL draw system increases Group of Death chance

FOOTBALL – The Champions League draw pots for this evening are based on the UEFA coefficients for clubs at the end of last season. Those coefficients are based on a five year performance in European competition. In general, this system works reasonably well for teams which always participate in the Champions League or Europa League. The top three are Real Madrid, Barcelona and Bayern Munich for example. The problem comes with clubs who have not always been present in the previous five years. Using the Euro Club Index as an alternative, we can identify teams who have been misclassified in this year’s draw.

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